Music Selection Tips to make it happen on the night.......

We have provided music for many, many couples and literally thousands of guests.

Here are our top tips to ensure that YOUR Wedding Receptions goes with a swing!

  1. Plan your music with your DJ. Choose tracks that you and importantly your guests will want to dance to. A common way of doing this to ask for music requests on your RVSP for your wedding invite. Your DJ can then try and work these artists or tracks into your wedding reception, creating the right mood for the appropriate part of the evening. It’s a disco and you’d like people to get up and dance so try to pick up tempo and well known tracks as people tend to dance to these.

  2. Pick a few special tracks that mean something to you and your friends and family. Perhaps a special track from when you were growing up, or perhaps a big tune from your university days. Ask your DJ to announce these special tunes, who they are for, and ensure they are played when the party is at full swing.

  3. If you have children as guests, ask your DJ to play some songs suitable for them early in the evening. A well chosen list of modern tracks and classics will keep them entertained for an hour whilst parents relax and have a drink. Also ask your DJ to keep the volume low so that guests can talk and not to damage younger, more sensitive ears.

  4. Be self indulgent, but just a little, You’ll be busy on the day, talking to your guests and although you will find time for a boogie, this is likely to be just after the first dance and later on during the evening, as the time will pass quickly. If your tastes are non mainstream, don’t be afraid to pick a few of these tracks for later on, especially if you know some of your guests are into the same music that you are.

  5. Plan a great finale with some great tracks to end on. Don’t fall in the ‘nightclub’ trap and party till 2am Remember that some guests will want to leave a little earlier, particularly older guests and those with small children. It’s a long day, so plan to get the party into full swing early and have a great finale at a reasonable time.

  6. Let your DJ do their thing if necessary. If your choices aren’t getting your guests up dancing, your DJ has the experience to play the classics that will get them up and dancing to tracks they know and love

  7. Relax and enjoy the party. it’s your special day!

Gerry McGee

First of all, congratulations on your engagement and up-coming wedding. You've tied the knot, got the speeches out of the way and now it's time to party. 

Wedding DJ Ireland, developed and managed by Gerry McGee, is a renowned Wedding DJ brand throughout the wedding industry. We pride ourselves on reputation and customer satisfaction with an emphasis to create a fun, personalized and unique experience for both you and your guests. Reading the crowd is a key part of what we do as a DJ and is essential to the success of the evening.

Gerry has been a DJ for the last 25 years and has recently developed iPartys. We provide entertainment across the country for all types of functions, including birthday parties, engagements, corporate events, marques and nightclubs across the country North and South, as well as playing in some of the finest wedding venues across Ireland. We also cater for civil partnership weddings.