Gravity GSP5211BSet1 Speaker Stand, Pair with Carry Bag

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Gravity GSP5211BSet1 Speaker Stand, Pair with Carry Bag


About Gravity®

Gravity® is an innovative new brand of modern music stands and accessories by Adam Hall. After 2 years of intensive development with both users and top designers, Gravity created a simple yet sophisticated range of musicians' stands and accessories. The combination of strong and robust materials, high-quality 2-fold injection ABS plastic and die-cast zinc connectors ensures a long lifespan, secure hold and absolute professional quality.

Gravity® is a registered trademark of the Adam Hall Group. Founded over 35 years ago the Adam Hall™ Group has an excellent reputation for its quality products and superb customer service. Furthermore the Adam Hall Group is a reliable partner in the pro-audio and events sectors, as well as the music industry, whose high standards and innovative spirit can be found in every Gravity® product.

Gravity® G-Rings

Every Gravity music stand comes fitted with Gravity’s Sheen Green G-Rings for a vibrant aesthetic on stage. Also included is a pack of Vanta Black G-Rings that can easily be interchanged to give your stand a more subtle and classic look. Additionally, there are 10 different colours of G-Rings sold separately, perfect for customising your Gravity music stand to match your show’s visuals, music genre or personal preference.


GSP5211B Speaker Stands

  • Product Type: Speaker Stand

  • Tube Material: Aluminium

  • Tube Finish: Powder Coated - Black

  • Minimum Height: 106cm (1060mm)

  • Maximum Height: 192cm (1920mm)

  • Transport Length: 105cm (1050mm)

  • Base: Folding Tripod

  • Base Material: Die-Cast Aluminium

  • Maximum Load: 50kg

  • Weight: 5kg

BGSS2B Carry Bag

  • Material: Nylon - 600D

  • Padding: 15mm

  • Closure: Double Zip

  • Dimensions: 290mm x 1070mm x 190mm (W x H x D)

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