beyerdynamic TG V70d Dynamic Handheld Vocal Microphone

pro 12.JPG
pro 12.JPG

beyerdynamic TG V70d Dynamic Handheld Vocal Microphone


The hypercardioid polar pattern offers an even narrower front pickup angle that is more focused than the supercardioid, which makes the microphone much better at rejecting unwanted noise and feedback. This makes the TG V70d ideal for use during very loud stage environments where unwanted sound bleeding back into the mic can be a headache.


  • Hypercardioid polar pattern offer greater rejection of unwanted noise and feedback

  • Powerful, extremely well resolved sound

  • Marked proximity effect with saturated bass to support less powerful voices

  • Low handling noise

  • Special sound geometry with high-tech acoustic fabric behind the diaphragm

  • 2-stage treble resonator for optimal treble reproduction

  • Special sound holes for a frequency-independent polar pattern


  • Transducer Type: Moving coil (Dynamic)

  • Polar Pattern: Hypercardiod

  • Frequency Response: 25 - 18.000 Hz

  • Weight: 349g

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